SolidAM kick-off 2020 with plans for carbon neutral partying

Let’s be honest the world is in a bit of a sorry state at the moment and if there is anything that we can do to help the cause then we should without a doubt do our bit. That is exactly what Solid AM is aiming to do and they’re upcoming What? party on Friday, January 10th at Wilde Renate is the starting point for this.

Their pledge is not an audacious one and definitely one that all ravers attending their parties should have no issues in contributing to. With each guest attending their parties at Wilde Renate and Else contributing just 50 cents at the door this amount will go to non-profit Atmosfair. As well as this very worthy and conscientious cause they will also be inviting an impressive array of artists to join them for the duration.

First up is Perlon co-founder Sammy Dee, the Get Perlonized curator will also be joined by John Dimas, Lamache, Janina, Laylla Dane, Yone-Ko, Sam Bangura, Mark Reeder, and Franky Greiner. For some, January is a time of quiet reflection, not so the case in Berlin and definitely not when Solid AM has a say in the matter.

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