Premiere: B1 – AC130 – Altered States [LONEWOLF004]

Lonewolf – a sidekick of the well-known headcutters (with reference to their designs of course) from EYA Records, that continues to show his love for compilations and splits, is proud to present its fourth installment and we are delighted to premiere one quarter of it today.

AC130, that is making his official debut on Discogs pages with “Altered States” – is a part of the rapidly growing music scene of Western Ukraine (which in its turn is a part of a much bigger picture – the Ukrainian underground scene, which you are welcome to explore here). Locals recognize him mostly because of his works on visuals at Hypnohouse and Dzvin party series and also he is responsible for the visual look of the recently launched Hypnohouse label. Having gone so far, little wonder then, that he took one more step in the same direction and started producing music…

After listening to a lot of his friends-shared demos I can definitely say that this track is one of the slowest works he ever did. He easily agrees on that: “Some of my more dynamic and aggressive tracks are going to be released on a new French label later this year (wait for it, btw!) – and this is my first good take on a more minimalistic and calmer sounds which I equally love. I have attempted to employ a minimum amount of elements to make them sound laconic and complete with a fairly great emphasis on the sound design – trying to mix harmonic sounds with almost atonal textures and glitches. Also, this was one my first projects on a full hardware setup from my home collection.”

As we’re done with the rookies here – let’s check on the seniors. Big parts of EYA universe – Manuk (“Vines”) and Otis (“Invasion From Inner Earth”) are opening and closing this LONEWOLF004 with their grimy retro-futuristic sound. Kepler (“Consciousness”), after appearances on Entity London, Pleasure Zone, Discotech and iO (Mulen)’s Hoarder (and Burnski’s Instinct under his 0113 moniker) introducing himself here on Lonewolf with the lightest and the fastest track on the compilation.

This release will end their current streak of compilations, by the way – LONEWOLF 005 will be a full solo release of – again! – AC130. He promised a logical continuation of this track with a hot French talent Muelsa as a guest on the EP.

LONEWOLF004 is expected to be available in the middle of July, so you’d better make your pre-orders on Juno, or Decks as soon as you can!

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