Closer expands its own DJ school into the second Ukrainian city

Closer Connections is a studio and DJ school, run by Closer in Kyiv (and now in Lviv). It had more than 100 graduates during its first year. The set of teachers in Kyiv is: AnnyRock, Bambu, Gael, Pavel Plastikk, Ponura, Roma Khropko, Roman K, SE62, Vera Logdanidi and VH10.

There are 3 main courses in the Kyiv division of school – digital DJing, vinyl DJing and production (in Ableton and hardware). The school’s Soundcloud has more than 50 graduates’ mixes, made by students in various styles. Some of the students are allowed to take level-up courses after graduating, depending on their results.

Also there’s a compilation on Bandcamp with tracks, made by students, who graduated from the production course.

In January of 2022, Closer Connections started their own party series in HVLV in Kyiv that, as promised, should become a regular series of events. Also, some of the graduates became a part of the newly created booking agency and are playing in Kyiv places like Gram, Golda or Vognyk.

“I’m a regular in the Western Ukraine and I’m very happy to see how their scene is growing”, – says Roman K, founder of Closer Connections. “It’s time to share our experience and move forward, so we collected the technical base, found the right people and the place that shares the same principles as we do.”

So, in February of 2022 Closer Connections decided to expand into the second city. The roster of teachers in Lviv will include AC130, Aliana, Lstn, Mike Trofimov and Ocean T. Closer Connections Lviv will be located in the basement of the People Place bar, run by the Night Ambassadors crew. The place is better known as -1 PP. The first course is announced to be very limited (10 students only) and the lessons will start after 6.02 (the first course is full already). Before the start of it, on 4.02 there will be an opening party with all the Lviv roster of teachers and Roman K, who will represent the Kyiv crew.

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