Premiere: A2 – AC130 – Wireless Talk [GRFF007]

All I can say here is “finally!”. Finally, AC130 landed somewhere with these tracks. I heard them long ago (we’re living in the same city and always sharing the music, so, you know) and in my opinion, from the whole packs of demos he showed in the first years of his production, we’re having the most beautiful, almost fantastic four here. Which are released not just “somewhere” as I said above – but under the very solid Griffé label.

In his Instagram post about this release, AC130 wrote that “for this record, together with Griffé, we’ve selected various tracks from the last three years of my musical journey – different production setups, different moods, and different stories to tell. This EP works for many dancefloor or home listening situations but retains one prominent style and has a little story behind each track and the record as a whole”. Well, let’s check if that’s true…

I already told you that I like all four of them very much, but “Wireless Talk”, we’re having today is the undisputed favorite on the EP. As AC130 commented to me: “I made this track at the end of 2019 and at first, I felt a bit weird about it – all of the music I was making at that time was really serious and “minor”. But after 2 years I understood that it was a turning point for establishing my approach – music that feels nostalgic and modern at the same time and, most importantly, doesn’t take itself too seriously”.

Nostalgic and modern, minor but still fun – those are the keystones in AC130’s productions in general, and in this track particularly. The phone rings, the bass bubbles, the beat is breaking all 5 minutes we’re hearing this. A tender touch of added melody is a little cherry on top of everything we have here.

All the other tracks are just as great. “Abduction” on the A1 will start this record with a very hard break and a very tough kick just to transform it into a little post-bleepy banger. “Xtra D” will have that piece of tranquility, but, you know, if you play it in the right time, you’ll have a dancefloor full of screams (tested). And the last one here – “Pattern Recognition” could be the most energetic electro outro you’ll ever hear.

If you like that sound, full of breaks and bleeps – you better run to the tab with Juno, Deejay, Decks or wherever you’re buying your wax.

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