Premiere: A2 – Z@p – YFM [WITNESS02]

One Eye Witness record label, vinyl distributor and webshop releases their second in-house EP with a new imprint. The label’s mantra is to always seek for new horizons and maintain an intrinsic lack of musical ideology. For this new record, they’ve decided to reunite four talents “whose shared ambition is to write the future of club music,” as they said. Listen to Z@P, Robert Dietz, Kasper Marott and New Members’ productions on WITNESS02.

Uruguayan producer Z@P, now based in Berlin, takes the lead of the A2 with ‘YFM’. Recorded in the early days of lockdown in 2020, the track is a moody and gutsy piece reaching for dark places. It has a kind of techno atmosphere combined with a soft BPM, but what makes it special is surely the subtle pad touches slipped between the beats of the powerhouse bass. Simple but very efficient, YFM delivers an intense nocturnal vibe as a call of an army of dancer ready to linger on the dancefloor.

Music producer since 2005 and resident of the Phonoteque club in Montevideo, Uruguay – one of the country’s major clubs for electronic music – Z@P has clearly established himself as an artist way before moving to Europe. 2020 might have taken electronic music out of the club, but he hasn’t stay inactive during this time. “Last year was a good one in terms of music production for me,” he says. “I’ve spent lots of time in the studio, trying different ideas and learning lots of new stuff.” Indeed, he has released his productions on Time Passages, CABARET Recordings, made two appearances on Melliflow, and now one on One Eye Witness. That is without mentioning other podcasts, gigs and mixes he has done.

His productions do not fit any particular style of music but rather a wide variety of experiment around electronic sounds. He can explore trance influences with a minimalistic approach, as he did on Helio EP, as much as he can produce bouncy house or acid tunes. However, his imprint is a recognisable one: always moody, kinda on the edge of dark atmospheres, melancholic vibes, and bouncy rhythm.

WITNESS02 is available on Juno, Bandcamp, Decks etc.

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