Moscow new collective Syndicate books Evan Baggs and Z@P for first event

The Russian capital sees the emergence of a new crew Syndicate which will hosting at Gazgolder club for their first event. They reunite 11 artists on Friday, February 11th to bring together the international and local electronic scene down to Moscow. As Z@P and Evan Baggs are headlining the event, they are joined by local talents Nechkin, Orbet, D.A.L.I., Bypass, Hipushit, Highkin, Deep Square, Nastya Tkacheva and Timur Omar.

Salieri holds Little Italy, the Black Borsalinos are in Sicily, and the Syndicate intends to establish its own order in Moscow,” they say. They define themselves as a newly-formed art-community that brings together several actors of the electronic scene, “aiming to take back what is rightfully theirs,” they add. “Going into the details of the Syndicate’s hierarchy is not worthwhile now, because those who know too much usually come after.”

As they don’t want to say too much too soon, keeping the mystery of what to expect at their events, it is probably best to go check by yourself. And with such a line-up for a first event, we’re looking forward to seeing what they’re preparing for the future.

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