Premiere: B1 – LVCA & Sidd – Stranger [WITNESS03]

One Eye Witness is back with a new VA featuring five outstanding talents of the European house scene: CLJL, Naone, LVCA, Sidd and N-Gynn.

It feels like the Amsterdam based record label, webshop and distributor is all about releasing various. As their two first releases already featured a mixture of underdogs and famous artists such as Z@P, Robert Dietz, Jeku or Sohrab to name a few, they are now back with a third EP for a perfect blend of breakbeat vibes, electro sonorities and trance influences.

LVCA and Sidd are coming together on the flip side for ‘Stranger’, a signature piece written between Toronto and Ibiza during the first lockdown. It features both their musical influences around spacy beats, thin electronic subtleties and a smooth breakbeat bassline. The magic is in the details; and on this one, it is all about the perfectly mastered touches of acid, slowly introduced between the beats. The duo have crafted something very special, that will hit the heart of the dance floor instantly, “bound to astral project yourself into a whole other dimension”, as the label mentioned.

On the A side, CLJL flings a brick of breaksy sedition into the matrix with the mighty ‘System Research’, with “jaw-crushing freq shifts, ruff snares and fluttering synth spirals gone astray“, this one is pure woofer-busting material. Naone comes next with ‘Silhouette’, an aggressive slice of dopey, bass-heavy cosmonautics. And last but not least, N-GYNN’s ‘Fire Rave’ is all about “funkster machine talk, weird organic noises and sleazy boogie.

The EP will be available soon on your favourite digging platforms and local record shops.

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