Premiere: A2 – Saverio Celestri & Late Consequence – The Wheel [SL016]

Third release of 2018 from Berlin-based Slow Life will see light with a very smart name, “Celestial Consequence”, possible wordplay between the involved artists’ names, the Italians Saverio Celestri and Late Consequence.

For Saverio, considered as a “prodigal son” for Slow Life, is a sweet return after his debut EP (“Reality is not Reality”) and his “Timelink” collaboration with 100hz, both from 2016. Late Consequence instead is a new entry, and together they will land on S.Moreira, Cecilio, Laurine and DJ Tree label with a four-track joint EP.

The track which we are premiering here is the A2, named “The Wheel”. It is characterized by distorted bass-lines, which are subtly combined together with synth prolonged and spacey sounds which operates as core part of the track. The rhythm is intense and opens to extra-dimensional perceptions enhanced by interesting acid interferences, perfect to resonate in Club der Visionaere or Hoppetosse during a long marathon.

The EP confirms Slow Life as a prolific ground for emerging talents, its distinctive sound and carefully selection on both A&R and style.

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