Premiere: A2 – Lisovskyi – Simulacrum [FIB001]

This is arguably the rarest record ever posted on Trommel. Only 42 copies will be pressed (hah, remember the times when 300 copies were “limited”?). That’s a new label from Ukraine, Fib Records, from the mind of Lisovsky, part of Whip’N’Dig crew. Too many new names? Don’t worry, you’ll get used to them soon.

By the way, not only is this record very rare, but also one-sided, still with two tracks on the first side. We’re going to the second one, by Lisovskyi. “Simulacrum” is that perfect type of track for you, if you still don’t want to shift from the sounds of electro house from the 00s. And since both of the artists on the record are very much into it – you can’t expect anything else. Can easily imagine this track in some digger’s set, but even without the FDG playing it on some Trommel videos, with the 42 records pressed and a sound like this, it should still be hard to find from the beginning.

Another one on the record – “Fetus” by Vitya Payal’nik from the city of Lviv, is, probably, an even better example of music like that. Hard, rough sounds of some acid bubbling on the edge your synth could allow. Something, that will easily make your crowd go nuts and can also break your sound system, and I’m not kidding you this time.

Both of the tracks are available on our Youtube channel in full. If you want to purchase the record, you need to contact the label through the Google Form, hit their mail or any of the links that are stated below.

More information about Lisovskyi
Facebook | Soundcloud | Instagram

More information about Vitya Payal’nik
Soundcloud | Bandcamp | Instagram | Discogs

More information about Fib Records
Facebook | Resident Advisor | Soundcloud | Instagram | Discogs

This article was written in Ukraine. Ukraine is in the middle of the war with Russia right now. Would be great if you could donate to the biggest Ukrainian volunteer fund here. Also, you can pick any music initiative, that is also trying to help from our list here. We’ll be stronger together.

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