Premiere: A2 – Vitya Payal’nik – Sim City [LNS03]

It’s always interesting to see how people are evolving over time. I had already told you the story of AC130 (or, more recently Yaroslav M), who first appeared at the local parties as a “video guy” and then landed on Griffe, Lonewolf and some other labels. Today’s story is about another character from our local scene in Lviv, Ukraine. Vitya Payal’nik, because of his signature moves, is one of the most recognizable dancers at almost any good party in the city. I was later told that he had a solid musical background (in rock music), but usually, he was just a dancer. So, when he came and said “You know, I’ll have a vinyl debut at Late Night Superglue very soon”, I was surprised, to say the least. Knowing the label, because, as I remember, AC130 had their record in his collection, I asked him to show me this one. And, well, here we go today.

So, Late Night Superglue, after their previous landing of Droste, are ready with their second “biscuit”. As you can see, it’s their way to say the word “compilation”. And this one is at least as interesting as their first one. Starting from the locals…

Knowing his love of the old UK progressive scene, it was obvious to expect something similar to what we have on the A2 position today. “Sim City” is a deep, bouncy piece of that UKP (yes, “P”, for “progressive”) beauty, infused with all types of samples that won’t let you get bored with all this deepness. Definitely a great dancefloor activator and a very nice debut. What more can you expect from the first one, right?

Let’s talk about the neighbors of Vitya too, right? First one – is Tom Ries, the opener and the biggest name on the record. Again, a very bouncy tune with a bit of 2-step madness in its middle. That’s “Messi”. The b-side is opening with Czevski and “The End Is Near”, a very gooey (if you can say this about a track), very banging one. Gabriele Mancino is closing the record with a very calm take under the name of “High Tension”. And that’s it.

So, if you’re a fan of superglue and biscuits – you better run to any good record shop after the presale starts.

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