Premiere: A2 – Instinct – Can’t Run Away From Yourself [INSTINCTLP01]

Burnski’s INSTINCT project is set to release a 10-track LP.

Following a prolific streak of seven dance floor-aimed EPs, the Leeds-based artist shapes a stunning full-length album showcasing the depth of his tastes.

Premiered track ‘Can’t Run Away From Yourself’ flexes the trademark INSTINCT attitude. Straight from the LP’s A-side, mean bass rattles the low end with fiercely swung hats destined for dance floor gold.

There is a sense of playfulness to the track, with gunshot samples and meaty acid lines bringing an accessible edge. Although, a satisfying balance in mood is struck with menacing atmospheres and a spiritual tone through use of an introspective dub vocal, as well as the track’s title ‘Can’t Run Away From Yourself’.

Multiple tracks throughout the album explore this emotive avenue less heard in the INSTINCT EPs. The opening track ‘Frozen’ feels remnant of the classic ‘Turn The Page’ from The Streets. Mesmeric string sections loop over samples of nature lathered in tranquil reverbs, before folding into a slick garage beat that could bring tears to the right dance floor.

Variety throughout the LP makes for an effortless and refreshing listen. The C side even features a breathtaking ambient piece. Heavy piano notes leak into a fragile string sequence in ‘Memory’, before diving back to the jungle dance floor on the flip side with an infectious breakbeat in ‘Badman’.

An air of influences and nods of respect to various genres and cults are littered throughout the INSTINCT works. Despite obvious roots to UK Garage and sound system culture, a sincere salute to everything from house and techno to jungle and classical make Still Life an essential LP.

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