Premiere: A1 – Relic – A [OGE009]

The mysterious OGE imprint return with their ninth instalment in less than two years.

Releasing every few months, the unknown artist outlet have crafted their own brand of silky tech house, inviting the likes of S.A.M and Ittetsu to remix on the label.

Soothing chords bridge an assuring, relaxed atmosphere with a punchy 909 pattern, keeping the dance floor in mind. Clever filter work reveals a sea of gorgeous harmonic textures, seamlessly sinking into the breakdown. Elements drift weightlessly from the mix, guiding the emotive narrative.

Extended sections blend seamlessly, leaving room for lengthy, synchronic blends. The release maintains a similar vibe throughout. Delicate melodies sing over a tight bassline in the B1, with the conclusive track taking a more bouncy route. Squelchy acid blips motivate movement in a more playful, jazzy course.

Relic EP is signed by Burnski & Michael James.

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