Premiere: 1 – Michael James – Fusion [outright001]

Brand spanking label Outright Records certainly know how to make a splash alright. For their first release they have opted for a banger-heavy VA and in the process, they have collected together a rather tasty selection of artists. Little is known about the imprint other than that they know a good groove when they hear one and we are sure you will agree after you have a listen.

For the first VA, Outright Records managed to line up four bomb tracks from four artists that are currently knocking it out of the park. It was tough to choose between Michael James, DJOKO, Tommy Vicari Jnr, and Enzo Leep but in the end, we opted for the first track on the release. Where better to start than at the beginning.

Track 1 ‘Fusion’ from Michael James is an out-and-out groove machine from the first beat. A straight-ahead beat leads nicely into a waning paddy synth which sets the atmosphere perfectly for a soaring fluted synth to join the party. This is of course great but it is all about the unbelievably deep bassline that really turns the ear. The mix of the bass tones is insane and really kicks the track right in lower frequencies and we can only imagine what this will sound on a big rig. The garage snares that skip across the track make ‘Fusion’ really pop alongside the arpegiated synth sounds too and when the main break builds the tension the drop is insanely satisfying.

Next up is Cologne badman DJOKO and true to form we find him in a soulful groove-laden mood. The combination of the bumping bassline, organ stabs and retro-sounding snares ‘Mine’ could easily be a West Coast house banger from the 90’s. The house vibes continue with a classic 90’s bassline that makes a fleeting yet highly enjoyable appearance.

Staying on a soulful tip Tommy Vicari Jnr’s ‘Generique’ keeps the mood high with his feel-good vocal banger. The looping vocal chops revolve around a garagey bassline and matching synths while that seem to shimmer in the sun. There is little doubt in our mind that this will be soundtracking many an open-air session this summer.

Rounding out this first impressive outing for Outright Records is Spanish master sampler Enzo Leep. His dedication to finding just the right sample to work into his productions is ungodly and it is clear from ‘Never’ that he has scoured the earth for just the right sounds to blow up this fine breakbeat effort. Enzo’s love of hip hop, soul, and funk music is clear but his life in electronic music is assured with tracks such as this. Having been extremely busy and super dedicated during the lockdown period has meant he has honed into a sweet spot that takes in house, techno, minimal breaks but all while adding that all-important soul.

The ‘Outright’ EP from Outright Records is now available via Bandcamp and Beatport.

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