Premiere: B7 – Instinct – Happening 13 [ABYLA001]

Instinct returns with another full-length album, exploring a stunning ambient and downtempo tip and for the occasion unveil the new sub-label Abylawhich will focus on more ambient, electronica sound.

The Leeds-based producer continues to explore his tastes, after over a decade in the game. Whether it’s via his more house-driven Burnski alias, or the dubby garage sounds of the Instinct imprint, the northerner’s works have remained consistently at the forefront of contemporary club culture.

‘Happening’ taps into a more revealing corner of Instinct’s world, venturing into more intimate, home-listening realms, with a 13-track trip navigating a beautiful, nature-inspired journey. Luscious piano work trickles between gentle, thought-provoking field recordings encouraging a tranquil state of reflection.

‘Happening 13’ is the closing piece featured in this premiere. Heartfelt strings quiver deep in the mix, caressing a stunning keys sequence opening the track up into a sea of bliss.

A soft, pulsing sub bass enters the mix, bringing a subtle flame to the track, before sweeping back into a Boards of Canada-eque fragility. Sounds are coated with a warm, analogue depth, dripping with delicate tape-like textures and melancholic embers falling from sounds, like the presence of an open fire.

Moods vary throughout the release, with hints of IDM and ambient tapping into more introspective moments, as well as subtle shades of euphoria.

This long form release from Instinct feels like a mature and honest exploration into comforting, emotive music; arriving at the perfect time to warm the soul during these isolated times.

It’s the sign of a committed producer in fine form, as Burnski continues to evolve in his third full length album. Countless EPs and sub labels under his belt in the likes of Constant Sound, Constant Black and numerous others echo the UK producer’s inspiring appetite for music.

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