Premiere: A2 – DJ Stroboscope – Party Bass [BOMBS01]

Kinda bold move to call your record “Party Bombs”, but it can be understood from the roster and selection we have here today. System Error label, after hosting Robbenspierre, Ish and Otis on their previous releases turns to some totally different roster here. And we’re really excited about it in general and about the track, we’re having today.

We’ve been told, that DJ Stroboscope is some alias of a person we may have known before. So far I haven’t been playing some Sherlock and don’t know, who’s hiding under this name here. So I can’t tell you right now who had this perfect idea to blend some fat wobbles, hats that are coming from nowhere sometimes, “bass” vocal samples and that catchy melody. But I just perfectly described you everything inside this track. The only issue with “Party Bass” is its length. 4:52, come oooooooon!

And the A2 here is in a very solid company, you know. Oshana is starting the record with her dreamy and energetic “Everlast”. Obsidian tries to catch some last summer vibes with “Hall 46”. And Magic Doz mixes that type of melody from our premiere with some raw house agenda in “With You”.

All in all – works great. Don’t sleep and grab the record at Juno, Deejay, Decks or wherever you’re buying your wax.

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