Premiere: A1 – Two Right Wrongans – System Error [NtQ001]

Originally produced back in 1996 (!!) by Asad Rizvi (aka Silverlining) and Wiggle’s Nathan Coles at a Brixton studio, this powerful cut remains as current and forward thinking as ever.

Having recently resurfaced during Petre Inspirescu’s set at Sunwaves 23, System Error has enjoyed some newfound fame, with heavy support in peak time sets by the likes of Barac and S.A.M.

As usually happems when weapon like this get pulled out at hyped event, the second hand prices and demand of the original “Not Quite Right” EP, where it first appeared, have skyrocketed on Discogs, selling up to £110.

To make this record accessible again to normal buyers, Silverlining and Nathan Coles decided to reissue it for the second time (the first reissue came out in 2004) along with a track from the original Ep “They’ll Never Get It Right Them Two”. On this occasion, this is happening on a brand new label named Neotropiq, which has more gems up its sleeve in 2019.

System Error needs no further introduction. We will only say that the track has been remastered and is sounding sharp, warm and clean. It’s a must have for every occasion.

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