Premiere: A1 – Toke – ჯუსი [BATRD02]

Sometimes it’s really hard to hear some new tracks from your favorite artists. They’ve already raised the bar so high, you should worry if they don’t disappoint you on their next ones. And what a relief it is when they don’t. Like today’s Toke. Easily one of his best works, probably THE best, under his standards.

So, today we’re having a little lesson of Georgian language too. Can’t be different, since Toke’s from Georgia, his label Batter Down is too, and the crew on the release are the ripest picks from the country. Get ready for the კომპილაცია (don’t worry – that’s easy, means “compilation” in Georgian).

Starting with the juiciest one, by Toke. “ჯუსი (or “Juice”) is a bit housier tune than the usual stuff from Toke. And it just can’t be a bad thing, right? We’re having a VERY catchy bassline here, that, like the loop of 808 in some Egyptian Lover’s live performances, can just be played on and on. On top of that there are some hypnotic vocals to accompany the trip.

The next one is სქემაby Mocongo. Some serious, but still funky broken piece. The word means “scheme”, in case you’re curious. The B-side opener ქრება by Audio Space puts us into the house category again. All the brokenness just disappears, and you know what – the name of the track is “disappears”. The last one here – “სატაცური by Rydeen is balancing between that straight and broken rhythms with some gangsta touch on the vocals. An interesting touch for the track, that is called “asparagus”.

So, you’ve heard 4 tracks, and learned a few new words – it’s time to go to the Ba Dum Tish store. Just like the real asparagus, “კომპილაცია” shouldn’t be around for long when it hits the shelf, so keep your eyes peeled.

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