Premiere: A1 – Samuel Jabba – Children Of The Universe [FTVA05]

Colombian record label From the Void Above continues its journey with a fifth EP signed by Samuel Jabba.

Since their creation in 2020, the label has already scored big with four outstanding EPs by renowned artists such as Uruguay’s Muten, Slovenia’s Eliaz, Madrid’s Do Or Die, and most recently Chile’s Moya81. It is now the co-founder’s turn to put his imprint on the label. Samuel Jabba takes on the honour to deliver four electronic pieces between his interpretation of house, acid, techno and breakbeat. It is “based on his journeys into the mind and the unknown.” as he says.

‘Children Of The Universe’ opens up the record slowly, but surely. Slowly, as the track begins in a moderate and refined way, with a soft breakbeat and some mystical electronic loops that may foreshadow what is to come. Surely, as the track takes a decisive turn and the producer brings the rest of the elements to the composition: a deep bass line, puzzling melodies and an intense and authoritative voice-over that gets us reflecting on the universe, the mind and physics. This voice-over will eventually lead the entire EP as it continues its speech on the other tracks and keeps setting up the tone.

‘Third Eye Visions’, second track on the record, is a perfect follow-up to the first, which really put us in the mood. It gains in intensity and takes us directly to the dancefloor as if it awakens a kind of army of dancers, captivated by the hypnotic and intense loops of the bass. It has the same kind of timbres and tones as the first track, but we’ve gained a few BPM along the way, led by a more acidish vibes.

As the flip side remains intense and repetitive in a way that you’d just wouldn’t leave a dance floor on such tracks, the producer explores new sonorities on the B1 with some new wave inspired melodies.

And just as you’d think the pace of the record would slow down at some point; it does, and it doesn’t in a way, but in a perfect way. Jabba has kept the intensity of the dance and energy that has followed us through the journey, and brings in some cooler, somehow calming, more spacey and airy sounds, all over the same acid beat in the back.

Four tracker EP ‘Witness of Another World’ is distributed by Barcelona-based Subwax Distribution, and is available on all your favourite digging websites. Check your local record shop before buying online and support small local businesses!

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