Premiere: A1 – Muten – Las Piedras Crew [FTVA001]

Today’s premiere exposes a real pundit amongst his equals: Muten. Also called Matias Muten, is an electronic music producer from Uruguay and with periodic releases since 2006, Muten has managed to intrigue listeners with another collection of rhythms via his upcoming ‘Radiation Belt’ EP.

The release by the label From the Void Above, is divided into several tracks, each painting another image of the producers’ approach on acid house, electro, and techno. Both sides, A and B, depict four musical arrangements: ‘Las Piedras Crew’, ‘Súcubo’, ‘Inversión Polar’ and ‘Quasar’ (W/ Nacho Cl). On side A of the vinyl is imprinted ‘Las Piedras Crew’, a jaunty acid synth that definitely leaves an acoustic splodge.

The 12-inch format vinyl reveals a lifting and a full-bodied arsenal of sounds leading your mind onto different paths. Contrary to popular belief, ‘Las Piedras Crew’, a track that seems to turn itself into something new while playing, manages to merge both styles and get away with it, creating a dominant emotion. Muten has proven his ability to move the dance floor in his own way. Broken beats and alive synths are the perfect words for this Uruguayan producer. Not being shy, he delivers every time, punching with his powerful kicks and groovy bass lines.

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Words by Sarah Okolisan

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