Premiere: A1 – Felon5 – Potters Pinball [BIZR001]

Felon5 + Bizarre Trax – sounds like a nice mixture from the start, if you are familiar with the names. If no – well, Felon5 collective has a nice background with the releases on Lowmoneymusiclove and Luckison. Also their mix for Ba Dum Tish series better not be missed. Bizarre Trax are known for being the part of Save Club Del Visionaere fundraiser compilation and also Tan Trax sublabel – I’m very brief here. Now both of them are together under the red apple of BIZR001 which will be premiered today. Partly.

A very solid opener “Potters Pinball” is feeding us with a very strong kick and videogame music vibe from its very beginning. A bold and frequently used option, but from what I hear at parties – this vibe never disappoints. This quite aggressive, but still fun and joyful track sets the tone for the whole label. This is how we are going to see the Bizarre Trax label from now, judging by their very first track.

Now – about some other apples here: “Passion For Fashion” voice cuts are sending us straight to the “Global Deejays & Royal Gigolos” era (god, why do I still remember this?!), providing also a much calmer vibe of the track. This vibe also continues on the b-side, which gives us straight/broken beat options. Depending on the moment of your set, you will pick between “Moovin (Floating Deep Mix)” (that’s the straight one) and “198?” (if you’re more into a light version of the broken rhythms).

Ba Dum Tish is the landing point for this release, so you better hurry up here – those guys are famous because of their quick sold-outs. You don’t want to miss BIZR001, right?

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