Premiere: A1 – Dragutesku – Suflet [FSRO001] has been supporting the Romanian underground scene for almost 14 years now so you could consider their transition into a music label as well overdue.

However, we at Trommel believe good things come to those who wait, and in this case, our beliefs are more than warranted as we premiere the A side of their debut record.

Rising Romanian talent Dragutesku has been enlisted as the first to release on Feeder Sound and he duly delivers.

A side ‘Suflet’ starts off as a firmly dark track with eery synths in the background and pounding claps, alas the track progresses in both musical elements and emotional ones. Those eery synths progress into esoteric and space-like sounds which are complimented superb by twitches and glitches in the bassline and those same pounding claps that remain throughout

The track, as you’d expect, offers a lot of dancefloor capability but also something beyond that. Dragutesku has showcased his synth programming skills excellently as the track has the capability to tap into emotions beyond the dancefloor and create a rather melancholic sensation.

Also featuring on the record are wrist-flicking groover ‘Prezent’ on B1 and the electro-tinged ‘Nucomenta’ on B2.

Suflet Prezent will be available incredibly soon via Deejay, Juno or most likely, your record store of choice.

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