Premiere: A1 – Arapu – The Moment When I Move [MTMLTD002]

More Than Music got off to an absolute flyer with their first release from Romanian DJ Cally. If you’ve been out anywhere in the past couple of months, you’ll have definitely heard A side ‘Yes No, Maybe So’, which has also been premiered by us. The label is now moving onto MTM002, spearheaded by Arapu and Crihan.

First up we have Arapu’s ‘The Moment When I Move’ and it’s nothing but quintessential Arapu. The track comes across as incredibly emotionally charged, with a murky yet chilled bassline which is sure to cause some introspection once it reaches your ears.

The track also contains a few production trademarks from the Romanian, with some hard-to-make-out vocals often chiming in throughout the track. However, the main trademarks are exquisitely produced pads and hi-hats which make for a compelling combination of danceability and emotion.

On the B side, and arguably the more up-beat side, we have Crihan’s ‘Versus’. The fellow compatriot’s track feels like a ying to the A side’s yang. This one is far more minimal and more of a slow burner, but contains some fantastic background synth patterns and drums.


The record is exclusively available for one month at or at MTM Record Shop (Ibiza). Distribution via SubWax


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