Premiere: A1 – Adam Curtain – Noticed [LAPSE003]

The third one from Lapse Records – the label, run by Mist (you may know her by the name of Jessica – better get used to the new one) presents us the release by, as they’re stating “UK club music and innovator and Trouble Maker Records founder” Adam Curtain. That means that we’re going to have an EP, full of nice broken stuff. Starting from the A1 position.

“Noticed” makes your eyebrows raise from the first second, with that mosquito buzz, that you could take as some malfunctions in your speakers (I did, will be honest with you). But no – that’s a very nice sound, inserted into the track, not some kind of bug in your room, relax. Stripped down beats, accompanied by a mellow female vocal and some melancholic chords. Altogether working perfectly.

“Salt Water Trout” is a bit more complicated track, than the opener of the record. We’re getting some bass structure here, even a step away from the 2-step (3-step, haha). And another buzzing sound, this time something like a fresh snow squeak. Stepping onto another side of the record – and here’s “UFO”, another quite delicate roller, this time, going back into the UKG territory. Especially love its structure change in the middle. The last one here isn’t really playing any games with us, stating its name as “Crickets In My 2600”. Another stripped-down noisy broken piece, that has a nice addition of some different distractive samples all over the track. Just hoping that the Akai is still working after those crickets.

The record is definitely worth the buzz (not talking about the buzz inside the tracks). Hit Deejay, Decks, hhv or wherever you’re buying your wax for your portion of Lapse dancing.

More information about Adam Curtain
Facebook | Resident Advisor | SoundCloud | Bandcamp | Instagram | Discogs

More information about Lapse Records
Facebook | Soundcloud | Bandcamp | Instagram | Discogs

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