Premiere: B3 – Adam Curtain – All The Way In [TRBLMKR12009]

There are no signs of slowing down for Adam Curtain and his Trouble Maker label, soon to be approaching a landmark 10 releases. Since launching back in 2016, the platform has housed a string of productions, with a range of flavours from deeper house cuts to jacking electro. Namely, the space has served as a showcase for the sounds of the man behind the mischief himself and his Extra-Terrestrial partner in crime, Bobby.

The two artists are well known in the London circuit. And for good reason too. The esteemed pub turned club The Lion & Lamb has played host to their respective parties, both of which have become regular features in the venue. With Curtain set to serve up the soundtrack at the next socially distanced dinner series tomorrow, it is the perfect time to celebrate his latest solo EP, ‘Doors Of Perception’. We’ve taken from the B side for the premiere.

Those who say size doesn’t matter can be sure this is entirely true in attribute to this track. What it lacks in length, it certainly makes up for in substance. ‘All The Way In’ is, quite simply put, a filthy little chugger. Building blocks of insanity rule, from the repetitive alien vocal on a loop. To the creepy, acid lasers batting between over the deep, grunge fuelled bassline.

Twisted but deadly, this bubbling pot of dutty gets brief reprieve with some high notes near the end. For the most part, this will have it off when we get back underground. Properly underground, in a dark basement, with sweat dripping off the walls. This track has a place and it fits it perfectly.

Buy the record from Juno or Expected release date 30th October.

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