Premiere: 2 – Alvaro Medina & Alffie – Importar [KRD009]


UK based Kiku Records invite Alvaro Medina & Alffie for their 9th release.

The collectives output has been prolific across both Bandcamp and a number of vinyl releases, looking back at the saught-after tracks from Vloon and Baasmal earlier this year; as well as the spin off XXX Culture seeing heavy support from the likes of Priku, Mihai Pol and Sublee, among others.

Alvaro Medina & Alffie join forces for two unique cuts in their contribution to the digital series. Both Madrid based artists have been making waves in their own circles, Medina working with Djebali’s self titled imprint, as well as Alffie’s recent works with Enzo Leep.

‘Importar’ dials into a eloquent, uplifting mood in this premiere. Lively percussive parts bring a lucid, human-like swing to the track, bending around dreamy chords and neat hi-hats.

Rhythms intersect with a vividly hypnotic charm. Intelligent drum sampling creates an intruiging polyrhythmic effect, bringing bouncy breakbeat ideas towards a 4/4 kick drum anchoring the beat. It’s the kind of head-spinning dance floor bomb you could hear the likes of Dan Andrei spinning during a steamy Sunwaves set.

‘Aporta’ delves into a deeper, contemplative palate on the flip side. Stretching out across nine patient minutes, warm pads wash over a sleazy beat teasing subtle snaps and pops between the kick in this perceptive head-trip.

Both tracks are soaked with audiophile levels of detail and sound design which is testament to both artist’s devoted outputs. Elements slot patiently into place, creating a sense of space and clarity in the mix, dying to be engluffed by a high-end sound system.

Buy the EP exclusively over at the label’s Bandcamp.

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