Politics Of Dancing invite D’julz and Oleg Poliakov for PODCROSS002

After the big success of the first experiment, Politics Of Dancing returns on their new imprint P.O.D. CROSS for the second issue.

We introduced the new concept few months ago: this new label is the playground for S.M.A.L.L. and Paco to invite friends and colleagues for joint production. The results of the first issue, signed by Djebali and Franck Roger, were very promising, showing connection and reciprocal understanding coming from years of friendship and work together.

This time, the Parisian duo bring the collaboration duty to a next level by inviting Bass Culture boss D’Julz and Oleg Poliakov to get deep in the studio.

The A side, produced by Politics of Dancing and D’Julz is a sleek and measured trip through minimal house with a dubby and deep elements. On B side, Oleg Poliakov’s contribution instead has a woozier atmosphere thanks to a wobbly synth lolling through the track, but remains fresh and functional dance music for the dancefloor.

We are looking forward to discover what Politics of Dancing has ready for us, in the meantime you can buy the record here

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