Review: Mihai Pol – PamParam EP

It’s been almost a year since Synesthesia made its debut with Vlad Dinu’s EP ‘Other Way Around’, now the mysterious Mihai Pol is releasing on the label, with his PamParam EP, featuring a remix from Suciu.

First up on the A side we have ‘Pam’. The track has an instantly recognisable melody made up of quick snares, hard yet quick hitting drums and a bassline that makes excellent use of loops whilst most certainly avoiding criticisms of being boring. The track is made up so many components that it never comes close to reaching the realms of being dull, every time the bassline is left alone, there is swirling synth or a drum pattern nearby.

Accompanying Pam on the A side is ‘Param’, and Mihai Pol certainly doesn’t mess around with this one. The track incorporates some dubby yet catchy drums that are present throughout and become the vocal point of the song. Param is considerably deeper than its A side compatriot Pam, and the deepness is solidified not only by the drums, but also by distorted vocals of ‘aaaaah’ that break down the track and come in and out sporadically.

Flipping over the wax we have Suciu’s remix of ‘Pam’. It’d be harsh on Mihai Pol to say this remix steals the limelight of this EP, but it really does. Suciu breaks down Pam and reinvents it as something else entirely. Trippy synth sounds twirl around the bassline through, whilst a variety of claps and drums prevent this one from getting stale, as you’d expect from Suciu.

Param has a lot of potential to be used in sets, especially when the party is coming to a close but you need that extra kick to get people going that can only come from a track this deep. The rework of Pam could be used in a set at any time, but an image is etched in my brain of this one being dropped as the sun sets over Mamaia beach as day becomes night.

You can purchase Mihai Pol – PamParam here.

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