Review: Jorge Savoretti – Atipic 004.1

Priku’s label Atipic has rolled onto it’s fourth release, bringing in Argentinian producer Jorge Savoretti. As we’ve now come to expect from the label, the EP has no name and the tracks also have no names, they’re simply concurring numbers. It’s vinyl only of course, with next to no marketing of the music or label.

Title track 004.1 sets the tone for the EP. The track has a wobbly, grooving bassline, accompanied by some snappy snares and warped drums. It definitely hits harder than most music that comes from Romanian labels, however there’s no doubt that 004.1 is a bonafide DJ tool, set to get even the shiest of dancers going. As the track progresses, it does get more light hearted, introducing clicks and some uplifting chords.

004.2 has more of an after hours feel to it, with Savoretti utilising some quick snares to build up the track before some swooping digital sounds slot in to give that track the early morning feel.

There is such a thing as overdoing snares on a track, but Savoretti most definitely doesn’t as 004.3 goes straight down the peak-time banger route. Drums and snares on a house track is as old as time itself, but the quick drums and scintillating snares are so appealing there’s no way you could question them. However, just to give it a Romanian feel, the odd instrument does chime in, such as a cymbal or an odd digital noise you can’t quite put your finger on.

Whilst 004.1 doesn’t fit in what has become labelled as the ‘Romanian sound’, it is great to hear a bouncy and energetic EP on a Romanian label. Perhaps the Romanian-South American tandem should be used more often.

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