Premiere: B2 – Gus Bonani – Upright Spinet (Jorge Savoretti) [QR_001]

Quantum’s debut release ‘Quantisize’ is set to further supplement the vivacious Argentinean electronic movement as they showcase the eloquence and energy poured into these creations by three native producers. Featuring two originals from Gus Bonani and remixes on the flip from Jorge Savoretti and Lucio Agustin, this bit of wax is jam-packed with dancefloor bombs.

The title track and A1 on the release, ‘Quantisize’ combines fat kicks, tightly swung percs and mind-melting vocals over an ethereal backdrop of pads, swirls and hits that ooze with production quality. A2 ‘Upright Spinet’ takes a step with a low-slung bassline that lulls the listener as a playful selection of melodies and equally creative processing bleed a sense of serenity into the track, whilst thoughtfully structured percussion chugs along contently.

B1 see’s Lucio Agustin’s remix of ‘Quantisize’ which features infectious vocals working in tandem with bending basses and a heavy-set percussive ensemble with a driving force designed for the dancefloor.

For the B2. we premiere Jorge Savoretti’s remix of ‘Upright Spinet’ that couples driving bass with militant drum machine programming as we are led into a hypnotic acid-tinge atmosphere. A plethora of pads and plucks sail through the undercurrent percussive lines as the listener journeys downstream. Wave after wave of modulation leads to the definite dance floor destination, where stabs set the tone for steps and arpeggios fill the head and heart with joy. Flirting with trance, techno and house, this track and the rest of the release are sure to bring the vibes and will no doubt find their way into many a set over the course of the summer.

With a history of work and commitment to the electronic music in Argentina, the three native DJ/producers have helped shape and cement what has come to be a world-renowned electronic music scene, and alongside Quantum Records will continue to contribute to its vibrancy.

QR_001 is available to buy from Subwax now.

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