Jamahr w/ Cab Drivers – Blue Sun – SLP004

There are many new labels coming through that are committed to putting out vinyl only releases of quality music, keeping a tight circle and keeping it within the family. This is a formula that has been tried and tested by many imprints, and although many have succeeded, some haven’t been fortunate enough to reach a wide audience and continuously share their music with the world. As hard as it is, a this Berlin based label has prospered in its attempts to be heard, sell records and gain support from some big names in the underground music scene.

Sleepless Musik was a project that Kevin Rangel brought to life in Spring 2016 after months of planning and making sure every last detail was in place before proceeding. The first three releases showcased the works of Jerome.c and Dubfluss, rising producers who have really shown of their ability to create interesting and dance floor ready tracks. The original tracks on these release went down a storm, along with the remixes featured from Julian Alexander, Guy from Downstairs, Alexandar Kyosev, Tommy Vincari Jnr, Janaret and Malin Genie. Approaching the 2nd birthday of the label, some new artists have been taken on, seeing in the new year with some fresh sounds that are sure to be heard at clubs and festivals for the foreseeable future.

Kevin connected with Italian duo Jamahr, who’s back catalogue includes releases on Mulen and BodyParts to name a few. Mario and Jacopo started their joint venture in 2008 and have had a strong impact on the underground, setting a high standard for up and coming artists in the scene.


A1. Blue Sun
The vibe for this track is very housey, giving a slightly nostalgic feeling to those who have been collecting music since the 90’s. The synth layer throughout this well executed track compliments the vocal shots that come in and out, and match the stabs and percussion perfectly. The use of breaks in this opening track are sure to encourage whistling and praise from the dance floor.


A2. Blue Sun (Cab Drivers Remix)
The Cabbies have built up a solid career for over 2 decades, which includes a strong string of releases on their label Cabinet which launched in 1994. The remix they have put together for this release keeps the same nostalgic vibe as the original, but with a slightly different mood. The sounds from their Roland 303 travel through their interpretation of the track and the hats are slightly skipper. This is sure to get lots of love from ravers and connoisseurs too.


B1. Romanti
Romanti is more of a mellow number, but still comes through strong on the release, using acid sounds which compliment those used by the Cab Drivers in the remix. A heavily effected vocal rises through the breakdown before entering into the main body of the track again which includes some really nice atmospheric synth sounds that sound like they are possibly playing in reverse.


B2. After Touch
Probably the hardest hitting track on the release, After Touch (much like the previous tracks) perfectly demonstrates the duo’s ability to produce well rounded tracks. The layer of white noise and reverb on the build up in the main break down makes the drop all the more sweeter.


This vinyl only release perfectly demonstrates the ability of up and coming artists, something that the label has shown with prior releases. We look forward to seeing what Sleepless Musik has to offer in the future.


Release Date: TBC


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