Free Download: Ildec – Alien Traveller [TFD074]

Spanish artist Ildec is a name that is very much on the rise, and having risen through the ranks he is already making serious headway on the world scene. He has enjoyed success via his solo EP’s on the likes of labels such as Blind Vision Records, La Vie En Rose, Zingiber Audio, Dreams On Wax, Altered Circuits, and Sequalog. With each passing release Ildec has managed to drill down into his sound more and more and this would inevitably lead Ildec to forming his own label Time To Panic earlier this year. Already two releases deep, Time To Panic has already featured an extended EP from Ildec and a remix from Innershades with the clear aim to provide music that always packs a punch.

With Ildec’s profile blooming we were more than happy to welcome the Spaniard to our Free Download series and true to form after a short intro “Alien Traveller” starts to kick hard. Spaced out synths swirl around as if signaling an alien spaceship and with an outrageously phat acid bassline we can only imagine what would answer that call. The up tempo vibe of the track is bolstered with neat vocal snips which really add a slice of jack to the proceedings. 

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