Olga Korol: riding the Eastern wave

    If you follow the electronic music universe and in particular the so-called underground space, you may have noticed that Eastern European and Russian environment is vibrant and active ground for groovy and minimal artists and producers. Also, anyone with a minimum interest in the subject knows venues like Closer, PORT, Gazgolder, RODNYA and ARMA17, festival like Outline and promoters like the Volks, just to name a few.

    This wave of artists have been over time more than supported in their rise by local and brave promoters and venues owners, whose passion and culture is so strong they keep running their events even though they face several risks, from being raided by police to authorities whose revoke licence, partially caused by a too often “closed-minded” society which sees raving culture as negative.

    From this background, only the best and most dedicated artists can emerge and Olga Korol in our opinion is, among them, one of the most interesting. If you are part of the industry you must know her since a while now, with her Body Parts label already turning 5years last March. But her career literally sky-rocketed in 2016 and 2017 with appeareance on several of the most important clubs and festival’s dj booths across Europe, with her name regularly on the bill not only in Russia and Ukraine, but also in Berlin, Barcelona, Bucharest, Sweden, Georgia, Estonia and Switzerland. It seems ages ago when she moved to Moscow as a next step of her career, a choice that, made with that determination, returned a great payoff in terms of experience, connections and professional growth. In between that moment and now, also an Australian tour, which highlights on how much she is requested.

    Olga sound is deep and groovy but at the same time clean and precise, with her skills beyond standards. Her research for melodic patterns makes listen to her set an intriguing experience. When we saw her at Club der Visionaere sharing the decks with Roche Madame head Cesar Merveille and Clovis from early afternoon till dawn, we had confirmation not only of what she did so far but also on her true potential, on its way to be fully expressed.

    Apart from being a top-notch artist, she also spend quite a fair amount of time in studio, necessary for everyone that aims to perfection and develop its sound and style. It is exactly from studio time spent with Denis Korablev and Pan Sancho that Body Parts Record label and Mind Series were born, as well as the ODY arts collective, their trio project name under which they performed for a while with label showcases around Europe.

    She is now focused in running her solo project and developing her label Body Parts into new adventures.

    Following this small introduction, we had the chance to better know her by asking her few questions on what she loves more, her opinions and future plans.

    Hi Olga, we have been following you since a while now and we are mesmerized by your style, one of the first things we are interested in knowing is which music genders influenced you most at the the beginning of your career, and which are the ones that are influencing you more recently.

    Hello guys, thanks for having me with you.
    Well my musical taste has a long story. Since late ’90 I was listening to grange and trip-hop. During early 2000s I started to get interested in some electronic music, particularly speed garage: it gave a push to my dj career and about that time I started spinning. I remember that my first records were mostly progressive and electro. As time goes on, my taste got formed to minimal directions. Nowdays, it remains more or less in the minimal filed, of course mixed with house and techno. However, groovy, minimal techno-house is still the shape of my heart.

    So far it has been an amazing couple of years, can you give us few highlights from your personal point of view?

    I would definitely highlight Japan tour in 2015. Then, PORT club events in my hometown Odessa, CDV sessions of 2017, Romanian events by SUNRISE agency and of course my trip in Australia.

    From our perspective, as an artist you almost reached the maturity phase. If so, where and in which direction Olga is going now?

    I really feel that I have matured as an artist in the last several years.  I have gained experience, and became more confident through performances at interesting and responsible events. However, I am aiming to higher results. In particular, improving and developing the style I have chosen, with the help of my BP recs crew, creative collaborations with interesting artists and of course solo work.

    We can say that you are proudly one of the main representative of the Easter European wave of artists and producers, what do you think about its development?  And what makes it stand out and differ from the rest?

    Eastern wave is coming strong to the west at the moment. I think is an organic process when something new and powerful comes up in a certain moment, repels of a bottom and going at the least rate of resistance. The difference is conditioned by mentality first of all and a degree of suffering that the nations experienced in the past.
    In my opinion the wave started its movement instantly because people were collecting emotions inside which they were not allowed to express before.

    We saw in Easter Europe quite a strong activity and intese culture driven forward in particular by some promoters able to strongly established themselves in these years. Despite that, there are constant issues with authorities, like if this culture is not completely accepted, or at least understood: we are thinking about Closer in Kiev, which risked to be shut down, ARMA17 or Outline Festival 2016, cancelled at the very last minute. What is your opinion about that?

    It is true. Promoters here are trying and work hard to deliver the best. They have everything for that: passion, ideas, good taste and musical education, audience who love and support the culture, incredibly cool venues…except the support of the government. We are living in outlaw and corruption in both Russia and Ukraine. It is very hard to survive for local promoters in such pressure from the governments and authorities. We are not talking about business here: is all based on passion only since, and at the end of the year, promoters are make nothing. Artists fees as well, which are extremely low.

    Outside your profession, and apart from music, which other interest and passions you cultivate?

    It’s a funny question! Besides my music activities, which includes gigs, music selection, label work and production, I mostly cultivate the art of doing nothing! That is my favorite type of activity 🙂 Of course I love and do sports. One of my solo hobbies is collecting stones and different minerals with further study of their properties and specifics.

    You often travel for work, which is the country that surprised you most?

    So far it’s definitely Australia. I have no words to describe it… even Japan did not impress me that much. My dream is to live in a country where I could. But this only in my dreams as there are other things to consider in this decision.

    Can you name one artist you admire for its works and one you love to play together?

    Its complicated to name one artist only… I can say I totally admire Ion Iudwig at the moment. His live sets, often longer than most dj sets, makes me experience all range of feelings. My constant favorite b2b partner, label business partner and friend is Denis Korablev, whom I trust not only for a back to back session, but for many things and decisions in my life.

    Let’s now speak about your label and projects, in particular Body Parts and Mind Series. Can you disclose with us some of your future plans for the label?

    With pleasure. Besides BodyParts (BP recs) records and Mind Series we are also running BP Digital, a label where we release young and unknown names, and latest vinyl only imprint TOOLOOP with a concept of two, long groovers per release.
    As always, also for 2018 we have a pretty busy schedule. We have many request and people are willing to release with us. Sometimes we release totally unknown names and they work just great…  its all about the music at the end. Most important, we only release music we personally like and play for some time. If it works and stay in our hearts – we go for it.

    Now a question for the wax lovers: can you give as an estimate on how many vinyl do you have? And which is the first one you bought and the one you are most attached?

    It’s hard to tell a number of my vinyls because they are scattered across three countries (Ukraine, Russia and Germany). My records live gypsy life so I never saw them all in one place unfortunately… just to say very approx figure can be around 300-400, not that much. Of course besides that I have a big stock of vinyl from my labels, which I mostly give away to my dj friends.
    Good question about the first one bought! It was in 2005 and it is “Codec & Flexor  – Time has changed”. I heard the track at the old Kazantip Festival, I guess in 2003, and felt in love with it. Once I started to spin records, my first order from decks.de included the one.
    p.s. I went on YouYube juts now, so funny but at the same time warm to listen to it.

    Records I am most attached nowadays are from Lick My Deck label. I love and treasure them.

    Last, can you disclose with us the record that is always travelling with you?
    I don’t have any record which is traveling with me all the time because as I said I repack my bag in three different countries. The one which lives constantly in my bag since spring 2017 is VBX 002 by Ferro.


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