Digging Deep: Misbits

    Located around the center of Bucharest, Misbits can definitely be entitled as the heart of Romanian record digging.

    Easily accessed by all means of transport, the shop is beautifully positioned in a welcoming place. As you step through the entrance, numerous and colorful paintings are greeting the visitor’s eyes, walking you towards the interior backyard. Among the guests that are either chilling on the couches, jamming to the records that are being played or the ones digging, there’s Ioana wandering around, making sure everybody gets what they need.

    Behind the image of a dedicated and well-mannered person, Ioana is best known as Miss I, an illustrious talent of the Romanian Underground Scene, with prevalent appearances at famous festivals and club scenes. We decided to ask her a bit about the development of Misbits in the past years and she happily agreed to tell us.

    Since its inception, Misbits Record Shop gathers selections both new and second hand, emphasized by the multitude of bright drawings and illustrations from the garden.

    Since the opening of the shop, the music community evolved and changed, so did the tastes regarding it, so we asked Ioana to tell us more about it:

    In all these seven years of our activity, the electronic music scene has changed a lot. Our local record selectors evolved so much in these years and they managed to grow our local scene tremendously! They created this unique sound and from there, everything came along. Events, festivals, and many hours of music. In these circumstances, there is a big community supporting this vibe they created.

    Also as we speak everything is changing, as I see more and more people interested in so many directions while discovering good music. At the same time, a wonderful community has formed around Misbits, with a lot of artists involved, people with many talents. People are very curious to discover the feeling of listening to vinyl record and to start their own small collections.”

    “The community has changed in a good way, people are staying connected and support the concept. Furthermore, 2020 was a crazy year, we created a small campaign for our community to help the shop and the response was overwhelming! I’m so grateful for this and I can’t wait the next year!

    At this point, it was inevitable for us to ask what changes she might have noticed regarding the relationship between the music you offer and the demand, from 2013 to these days…

    From the beginning we were more on the electronic side, focused on minimal, techno or house. For the first years, the minimal bubble was king and it still is, but I did notice a small change. People are getting also more interested in other genres, in my opinion Electro made a step forward but also Downtempo/Ambient and Experimental. Tourists are a big part of our community, so unfortunately this year I missed them a lot! Most of them are still interested in our local scene so minimal is still in great power.

    In addition, from what I have noticed, the Romanian DJs are starting to add a bit of soul and flavor to their productions. The minimal is not that simple anymore and year by year the music is changing into something different. If you listen to what music was played five-ten years ago, you will understand what I mean.

    If I’m thinking right now… it is clear that this experience has changed me. Well, I was a bit antisocial: just me and my thoughts… yet suddenly I had to open myself and start socializing. This brought me closer to people because with every person I met in the shop there is a small or bigger connection, depending on the context, but yes, it is great to meet new people and to experience new happenings.

    Defined by its simplicity, Misbits has been sculpted through the years by its guests. That’s why it is continuously growing and developing, gathering an assortment of records, pleasing most of the tastes that are visiting the shop.

    There are many thoughts wandering my mind, putting me in a difficult position to describe the place and concept: relentless effort and dedication must be the two terms that depict best.

    Of course, the last year has not been easy for all industries, hitting hard the weakest spots of many businesses, especially the musical ones, but also was the most significant proof of people’s dedication to what they appreciate, just like how Misbits’ clients supported their Amphitryon.

    Bringing together so many sides of what Bucharest has to offer and the impressive collection of records, Misbits is a hub of delight and discovery. From the events that are held there to a simple visit to the shop, every participation is an enrichment not only for your record collection but also for the soul.

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