Yoyaku are opening a multidisciplinary warehouse space, VAULT

The prolific Yoyaku collective are opening a huge 2,400-square-metre warehouse venue with an outside space of almost 4,000 square metres, VAULT. The venue will host indoor and open-air events twice a month.

Yoyaku has grown into a central hub within electronic music. Evolving from Varhat’s early taste-making productions in the likes of the YYY and Hostom series, the crew now occupies a record store and distribution, several labels, the new digital music store AZE and soon will add VAULT to the roster.

The multidisciplinary space aims to “give pride of place to culture, by providing Parisian people with a space to live and celebrate, in which electronic music and digital arts will be given pride of place.”

Maintaining the soul and structure of the existing factory building, the space hosts an industrial aesthetic with a vaulted ceiling that lets the light shine in for some special sunrise moments.

The launch party is scheduled for Saturday, May 7th running from 8pm through 6am sound tracked by DJ Dustin, Janeret, ERIS and local selectors Miroloja & Estelle P. The likes of Raresh, Edward, Arno, Youandewan, Rhadoo and Sugar Free are planned to feature later in the summer.

VAULT is located in the north of Paris in Le Bourget, only 15 minutes away from Gare du Nord. Immense amounts of work has gone into bringing the space to life. Spread across three rooms varying in capacity, The Studio, The Warehouse and The Loft. In their mission to offer a ‘live-able space’, the venue will also house artist studios, record fairs and a full range food court.

Berlin’s sound guru Martion behind the notoriously excellent sounding systems heard at Hoppetosse and Club Der Visionare has been involved in the sound design. A bespoke system is planned for the more intimate studio space.

Supported by a team of engineers, they developed a custom modular sound and light system. The suspended lighting fully customisable and allows the projectors to adapt to the musical atmosphere for a complimentary and immersive experience.

The main warehouse space also features high-end sound installed by Loud Studio, the company behind the distribution of the respectable Loud Professional systems heard in the likes of DC10 in Ibiza.

It’s no surprise that Yoyaku will have their priorities in the right place, passionate about sound and it’s potential to create powerful experienced when heard through the right sound systems.

The smallest space of the three, The Loft, is designed to be a chill-out zone that will host ambient and experimental soundscapes offering a place of rest from the wild atmosphere of VAULT.

Learn more about the opening event here

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