VBX & SlapFunk announce their huge ADE 2022 plans

The two main players in Amsterdam VBX and SlapFunk have always thrived during Amsterdam Dance Event times and they always put on some of the best events of the week. With last year’s edition of ADE heralding a much welcome return to these magical parties this year 2022 will see a significant uptick in these citywide gatherings.

Amsterdam has always benefitted from some of the best venues in Europe and this ADE these will be home to round the clock parties from VBX and SlapFunk. The latter will be kickstarting the festivities on Friday, October 21st at Shelter with an insane party that will provide bombs of the highest order. Dungeon Meat have a well-established relationship with brothers in beats SlapFunk and this will be taken to next level with the creation of Dungeon Funk. With the recent creation of a new label of the same name Brawther and Tristan Da Cunha aka Dungeon Meat will be squaring off against Ingi Vision’s Juilian Alexander and Samuel Deep for perhaps one of the week’s biggest square go’s. Also on the line-up at Shelter will be Locklead who will present his bombastic live show.

Opening their account on the morning of Saturday, October 22nd will be a sole party from VBX at the city’s finest daytime club – BRET. After the undoubted success of last year’s event, morning time specialist and VBX homeboy Reiss will be joined by a fantastically diverse array of friends. In no particular order the Spokenn member will be joined by Matthias, Mandana, Laurine, Lamache, and Junki Inoue.

Elsewhere on this morning an equally exciting party will be exploding into life and SlapFunk’s morning session will be based at one of the city’s finest daytime spots – Loft. The high ceilings, massive windows, panoramic views of the IJ and of course the sonic action makes for one of the most special dancing experiences in Amsterdam. Taking to the decks will be DJ Senc, Doudou MD, Sweely, Velasco and there will also be a special guest that will surely take the roof of this magical spot.

Another regular and long awaited collab is VBX’s hookup with Sunrise and their minimal brothers. Taking place at the expansive warehouse inspired locale of LOFI, Reiss will be playing back to back with Doudou MD with the no messing around team of Rhadoo, Raresh and Ion Ludwig (live) adding an infinite amount of firepower. With this party taking us through the night to the early hours of Sunday morning there is even more magic awaiting on the other side.

Sunday is always a special time in ADE, it’s when the professional party heads hit their stride and long lasting festival memories are made. What could be more memorable than a secret party with an unannounced lineup courtesy of VBX and SlapFunk. Running from early morning until sundown there is not much more details to share other than make sure you keep your eyes peeled for details on how to get your tickets.

With barely enough time for a pit stop and shower VBX’s closing party of ADE 2022 takes the Dutch crew back to their spiritual of Shelter. The subterranean mecca that sprawls out beneath the A’dam Tower is always a hotspot for the finest vibes and musical action most weekends but ADE is a different kettle of fish and last party there on Sunday evening falls to VBX. Obviously, their artist arrangements are suitably special and they will be bringing in heavy hitters Francesco del Garda, Ferro, Christian AB, Bruno Schmidt, and Alexia Glensy for the occasion.

With all great festivals traditions remain and SlapFunk have one of the best in the business. To round out another successful ADE the SF crew and their extended family will converge on their favourite day venue BRET for one last dance. The artists taking to the decks will as always remain a closely guarded secret but as we all know, it’s going to be unmissable. Just remember and keep plenty in the tank as there is a lot of ground to cover.

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