Unai Trotti pairs up with OMAR for the next round of Ping Pong

After the previous three rounds of high octane sonic ping pong that meant sterling sets from Evan Baggs & Christian AB, Quest & Sugar Free and most recently the most inviting three way between Hamish & Toby and Truly Madly. The French connection of Nautilus and Rmmt Roommates is in the process of building upon a serious legacy that the two solo parties have already amassed and their next edition will be no different to the previous instalments. Unmissable.

Taking over Badaboum in Paris on Thursday, March 24th will be two artists that have already struck a chord with each other. Having forged a lifelong friendship from countless sessions across lost weekends with the rest of the Cartullis crew Unai Trotti and OMAR are a formidable proposition in any way shape of form but pairing up is bound to be a deadly combination.

The impact that Unai Trotti and his Cartullis crew has made on the world music is now being felt tenfold. With dates spreading around the world on a regular basis Unai’s uber digging skills are becoming very well recognised and rightly so. Joining him behind the decks for a killer b2b will be Cartullis regular OMAR. As well as linking up inside the DJ booth the pair have also paired up in the studio too. The pairs double EP ‘P & S’ on Art Of Dark is a lesson in angular funk and this is just one of the many sounds that they command. Whichever direction they opt to take throughout the night it will definitely be a ride to remember. The opening slot will fall to Tiano.

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