The Ghost set sail on two part Vinyl Destination this May Day

Vinyl connoisseurs The Ghost will again be throwing their annual pre-May Day party aboard the MS Hoppetosse. The party on Thursday, April 30th is dubbed ‘Vinyl Destination’ and this energy-charged event will again be welcoming another annual tradition and that is a set from Binh. Also on deck duties upstairs will be Joe Delon, Junes and of course the amiable hosts The Ghost.

photo by Palma Llopis

Downstairs in Hoppetosse is often known for a more chilled out vibe and on this occasion, Huerta and The Ghost member Josh Tweek will be supplying the soundtrack below deck, but the chill factor will need to be experienced in order to fully appreciate it. When the party at Hoppetosse stops at around 9am on May Day morning what better way to start the action-packed open-air season in Berlin than by stepping from one boat straight onto another one. When the beats drop out at Hoppetosse The Ghost will be boarding their very own party and setting sail on their very own cruise. Joining them on ‘Vinyl Destination 2’ will be crew member KRN and there will also be some very special guests aboard this very special boat ride. Life preservers will most definitely be required in order to go the distance during this May Day extended session.

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