Technics to release new turntable to celebrate milestone anniversary

Technics have ingrained their brand into the very fabric of DJ culture when they released the SL-1200 / 1210 deck all those years ago and now to celebrate their 55th birthday Technics have done it again.

However, before you go rushing for your wallets the new SL-1210GAE is not simply an update of these legendary decks. No sir. This limited-edition turntable is far superior to the original plates and it comes with a suitably superior price tag. First off you will notice from the images that the 1210GAE is all black, from the buttons to the pitch fader to the tonearm black is back.

There are a lot of similarities to that of the SL-1200G which was produced in all silver (naturally) and both feature a host of high spec components which include a high precision ‘coreless’ direct drive motor to enable stable playback, improved isolation to vastly reduce any external vibrations and as Japanese company, Nagaoka is celebrating their 80th birthday this year they will be collaborating with Technics to supply the JT-1210 moving magnet cartridge as standard. As well as the under the hood mods, each turntable will also come with special anniversary branding and will be individually numbered for authenticity. You do of course get far more than we have mentioned in the short lines above and for the asking price of £3,999 (€4,719) you would certainly expect more from the limited run of just 1000 units that is due out in June.

For more info on this turntable head over to Technics.

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