Technics set to release brand new 1200 MK7 turntable

In recent years, the DJ’s staple tool, the Technics turntable has undergone a bit of a transformation. Previously, the legendary Technics 1200 and 1210 in its various versions was the go-to piece of equipment for the vinyl DJ, but in the last few years with a dwindling amount of good quality second-hand turntables in circulation fans have been crying out for a newer version with an attainable price tag. This is something that Pioneer has been capitalizing on since the release of their PDX-1000 deck, but the game seems to be about to change.

Image result for SL-1210GAE

At present, the cheapest new Technics turntable on offer is the SL-1210GR and this will set you back a staggering £1,200, but this is nothing compared to the big daddy SL-1210GAE (pictured above) which clocks in at a bank-busting £2,700. Per deck! So, with the recent news from the Technics camp that a new turntable is imminent, DJ’s and vinyl lovers the world over has been salivating at the prospect of a return to form for a dedicated DJ turntable, but it would seem that this is possibly not the case.

The SL-1200MK7 will be on show as of January 7th via a live streaming event in Las Vegas featuring Kenny Dope, Derrick May, Cut Chemist and Japan’s DJ Koco, but Technics president Hiro Morishita remained ever mysterious in his thoughts on the new SL-1200, “We don’t want to market the 1200 as a tool for DJs. The 1200 is the 1200.” Hopefully, this means that we could be getting an updated, yet affordable turntable for club use but only time will tell.

Make sure you are online tomorrow as Boiler Room and Dommune will be collaborating to bring you all the action via their live stream.

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