Steve O’Sullivan’s Mosaic Records has launched offshoot digital label Mosaic DTL

Steve O’Sullivan’s place in electronic music has been secured since the ’90s and what he has accomplished since then has been nothing short of legendary. To some, this might be overstating the fact but one listen to Steve’s podcast for us will tell you what you need to know. Steve’s dubby house and techno works are often replicated but seldom bettered, so in order to deeper shades of electronica further, he has launched digital-only offshoot Mosaic DTL.

For the first Mosaic DTL release, he has brought on board Fletcher who turns in an atmospheric 9 track long-player in the form of ‘Mechanical Gardens’. A firm fixture on the Berlin scene via his Chord Record parties Fletcher glides effortlessly between lush downtempo soundscapes, half-time electronica, and flickering dub house. This album is the perfect start point to the new label from Steve as it adheres to the strict quality control that has informed the Mosaic boss man’s career from the beginning.

Very much designed for those introspective moments either during the after afters or at a later reflective period. Either way, this is a release to pour over time and time again and signals an exciting chapter in the Mosaic story.

The full EP is now available via Bandcamp.

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