Small Black Dots’ OFF The Record welcomes 80 artists to Barcelona

Every June, Barcelona sees a huge influx of music lovers in the city during the infamous OFF week. Just about every label, promoter and artist involved in the European circuit comes together for a momentous week of music.

Events are scattered around the city, curating unique line-ups that are often more adventurous given the amount of artists already in town, plus the diverse range of venues available.

This third edition of OFF The Record takes place while Barcelona is experiencing a significant moment for its electronic music scene. The rising living costs that diminished the appeal of Berlin and the effects of Brexit on London have reaffirmed Barcelona as a preferred destination among the most recent wave of artists and industry professionals who decided to relocate there.

The underground electronic music scene in the city is thriving, evidenced by the emergence of new record shops, record labels and small vinyl distributions. Projects like ‘OFF The Record’ are crucial to pushing the scene forward, inviting legends of the game to play alongside up and coming artists.

OFF The Record is driven to promote vinyl culture within the context of live events and foster unity among promoters, club owners, artists, and label owners, nurturing a community and highlighting the importance of everyone’s role in providing perfect conditions to experience the artistry of playing records.

This audiophile attitude sets a high bar for all the events being powered by specialist equipment including the impeccable High Pro Sound system by the Italian brand Pequod Acoustics. Extra care is taken to the DJ booths fitted with analog valve rotary mixers from Audio Solution and high-end Japanese needles by 100 sounds.

The extensive curation starts on Wednesday, June 12th and flows through to the morning of Monday, June 17th. Over 80 artists will feature across 20 events, with 25 brands and in 10 different venues. There’s everything from villa day parties to cosy morning after-hours with a mix of artists from all over Europe.

Wednesday kicks off at the Small Black Dots HQ with an in-store session from Prince De Takicardie and Charlotte, before the big SBD X OTR curation on Thursday daytime. Gwenan is joined by Jane Fitz, as well as Seekers legend Miki and SBD co-founder Nick. The options are plentiful from Thursday with Barcelona collective Siku at RED 58 plus an after-hour from Sequalog.

Friday welcomes Rhadoo, Desyn and Alex Picone for an educational session at a secret villa location, as well as showcases from Slow Life, Orbital and a collaboration between Hypnotic Mindscapes and Kimchi Records.

Leeds-Barcelona collective take the Saturday morning slot with an intimate after-hours with the mystical selector Kyle Toole, followed by a Beautiful Freaks party with Vera and Walrus.

The choices are immense for the vinyl-minded music lovers in this circuit, a special curation that comes from the heart of decades of dedication to electronic music. Check out the full curation on the OTR website here, and buy tickets for all events on our TROI platform.

Buy tickets for SBD X OTR with Gwenan and Jane Fitz here.

Buy tickets for Seekers with Rhadoo, Desyn and Alex Picone here.

Buy tickets for MASS with Kyle Toole here.

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