OFF The Record present their values and principles ahead of their Sonar week schedule

OFF The Record values and principles

Last week we were able to feature the full program of events on offer from Barcelona collective OFF The Record, set to take place during this year’s upcoming Sonar week. Over 80 artists will play across 20 events, featuring the collectives’ own Seekers, Small Black Dots and a host of musical partners from Barcelona and beyond. A schedule of this size requires precision planning and a solid vision, complimented by an unending passion for showcasing quality music. Thankfully, this isn’t a first rodeo for the well established crew, who are continuing to surprise and delight as each edition comes.

Of course, with such a schedule comes great responsibility. And this year, OFF The Record have been quite clear on what are their principles and values. Of course, we already knew these events come from seasoned professionals, taking all considerations into account to make memorable experiences. But with an ethos down on paper, it becomes all the more obvious to see just how much the passion stretches. Exactly how much care is taken to ensure this celebration of culture and sound comes close from the heart.

Speaking of sound, you can be sure it’s going to be the highest of quality. With a focus on promoting vinyl and club culture, you’ll see plenty of records flying about throughout the week. The wax will be feeding the (Japanese) needle, serving sound directly into the finest of setups. A High Pro Soundsystem (peoqod acoustic) and Analog valve mixer will make the most of it, in and around a suspended DJ booth which will ensure the best result on low frequencies. Particularly important for a vinyl set.

All events will be small or medium sized, none of this colossal space takeover that becomes more about packing to the rafters than it does about the vibe. Expect intimacy, community and a relaxing yet fun fuelled atmosphere, right across the board. The principle here is club culture, whether it be direct in the club, warehouse or villa and the expected size of the crowds will be reflective of this.

Price-wise, care has been taken to ensure that none of the events will be overpriced. With tickets ranging from 6 EUR to 30 EUR, they remain affordable whilst at the same time presenting well worthy lineups and experiences. All this, for 5 days, non stop. Musical treats are promised morning, afternoon, evening and night from the first event of the week, to the very last. And with so many hours to spend listening, it has never been more important for the team at OFF The Record to highlight the importance of looking after your ears. The volume will never be turned up higher than 96dB, for this very reason.

Ultimately this is all about supporting a genuine scene, making the most of a week that has become so important in the industry. Giving space to music professionals, electronic enthusiasts and hedonistic heads, to soak up and celebrate a culture that we all love. OFF The Record can absolutely be admired for the thoughts and efforts that have been put into their upcoming program and we certainly can’t wait to join them on the dance floor.

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