Shapes and Zaza Island are the latest events to take hold in Tel Aviv

The bustling nightlife of Tel Aviv continues to grow from all angles. A host of genres are celebrated across day and night in the 24 hour party capital. New labels and events join the established, driving the sounds of house, techno and melodic in an ever prevalent scene. One such event that has only very recently taken to the city is Shapes.

‘Dance well’ is the slogan that centres the ethos, as the promoters set to bring about a concept of well-being alongside the celebration of the sound. And they’re wasting little time doing it. Parties will be frequent, happening as often as every two to three weeks.

Shapes Flyer - Cassy

Already two editions done, it’s shaping up (sorry couldn’t resist) to be a well sought after event. With a promise to deliver a headliner at each occasion, the artists on the invite will likely be coming in from across the globe. It started off with Cassy, a leading lady in our underground scene. Following a packed out opening that lasted until 7am, Laurence Guy took to the next. A varied artist that knows his way around the blend.

Details for the third session, which takes place in Jaffo’s Collabo, are yet to be announced but we can already say one guest is Leo Pol playing live. But with the guys behind the already established Textures Ltd at the helm, it is sure to continue in the strong form which it began. In the meantime, day time sessions are also being well catered for. Say hello to Zaza Island.

Zaza Island - event flyer

Zaza Island is the latest Open Air event run by Hilu and Roni Amitai, who kicked things off last month with the mighty Shonky and ABI. The French artist and one third of Apollonia is anywhere and everywhere, always on form and the same could be said about the Breakfast Club Paris founder ABI. Episode two celebrates a Christmas special, with Harrison BDP at the helm in an undisclosed open air location, with again a series of local selectors.

The female ran outfit are well versed in the party, having already hosted a number of events over the years. Zaza Island is the latest initiative, aiming to accelerate the presence of outdoor dancing in previously unused, characteristic venues and locations. There’s plenty more to come from the collective, with more details coming in due course.

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