Roustam embarks on a mini tour of his Russian homeland

Miami-based selector and music mogul Roustam has many skills up his sleeve. As well being a dedicated digger, ninja-level DJ he is also responsible for guiding the direction of Vietnam-based festival Epizode. The mother event has been and continues to be responsible for some of the most widely regarded iconic sets of the year and counts Ricardo, Raresh, and Apollonia as regulars.

As well as the main event the brand has given birth to many offshoot satellite events that bolster the brand and further connect the underground around the globe. Epizode CEO Roustam maybe Miami based but he regularly spreads his wings around the world’s best parties. It is this love of traveling that will be taking him to his native Russia for a series of parties over the coming weeks.

Kicking off the Russian adventure will begin in earnest on Saturday, May 15th at Stadium in Moscow. The Closer regular will be heating up the crowd with his primo selection of grooves that has been enjoyed by the lucky people in his current home turf of Miami.

There will be a slight break in this schedule before it is resumed with force on Saturday, May 21st where he will be in charge of the sounds from the first beat to the every last. Hosting Roustam will be Moscow’s Raduga and with a full night and morning to play with there will be corners of his record bag that we are sure that the crowd will be in for a treat.

The next night Roustam will be rocking into Rostov where he will be setting light to the touch paper at Embargo Villa. For anybody that has made the trip to Epizode in Vietnam will know that the quality of music will be beyond reproach. Rounding out the mini-tour Roustam will be stopping off in St. Petersberg at Temple of Deer.

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