Ukraine’s Closer return with their first event of the Spring

Ukraine like the rest of the world has been waiting with bated breath while COVID-19 ravages the planet’s nightlife industry. Luckily for the world, the gates are beginning to open and events are in the process of cropping up again. As well as the world’s nightlife one of Ukraine’s most special places Closer was at threat throughout much of the pandemic’s lockdown periods. It has been a long hard fight for Closer but the good news is that as a result of the venue’s fundraising efforts Closer is safe.

The good news keeps coming as Closer’s first event will be landing this weekend and will run for the duration. Starting at 12:00 of Saturday, March 12th and the music won’t stop bouncing until deep into Sunday, March 14th.

There will be guests from all over Europe for this special party. ‘Shrovetide’ is a spring celebration that means so much more than just the weather getting a bit warmer. Providing the music across the weekend and across the 3 areas will be The Ghost, Evan Baggs, Priku, Dan Andrei, Anthea, Roustam, Se62, Noizar & Borys, and Karine & Shakolin.

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