Reverse return to action with a 15-hour party in the shadow of Salvador Dali

Barcelona based crew Reverse know a thing or two about throwing parties, previous events have included Praslea, Cezar, a Yoyaku showcase with Lowris, Varhat, and Zendid, and of course their recent collab event with ID that saw sets from Zip and Margaret Dygas. Reverse have always made sure that their parties take place in the most ideal of locations and for their next party on Tuesday, August 15th they have seriously outdone themselves. For this extended family reunion they will be taking over none other than The Rachdingue, the previous residence of the hedonist artist Salvador Dali. 

Across the day to night party there will be two lovingly curated stages that will collect together an outrageous team of selectors. Taking care of the sounds on Stage One will be a collection of Yoyaku big hitters in the form of Andrey Pushkarev, Aline Brooklyn, Aman Umber, Lamache, and Monile. Supporting these certified names will be stars in the making and Reverse regulars Maxupiciu, Marcelo Cura, Samy BP, and Chez Doc’s Vikk. Over on Stage Two you will find an exciting array of names headed up by French hotshots Automatic Writing, as well as Arthur Nozen, Brieela, Lamalice, LM, Myrtin, Nad, and Toltec. 

There will also be a few surprises along the way too as there will be a pop up clothes boutique, food trucks, body painting, and there will also be the chance to get the day immortalised on your body by way of a tattoo. It is impossible to imagine what scenes have unfolded within the walls and gardens of The Rachdingue during the tenure of Salvador Dali, but we can assure you there will be serious action waiting for you at this Reverse soiree.

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