Oshana to launch her own label Psionic with first EP from Astral Travel

American Berlin-based artist Oshana has been crafting her own unique brand of intergalactic sonic weapons since an early point in her career and with the news of her new label Psionic coming to light this will give Oshana complete musical freedom to expand minds further into the cosmos. Since her ‘Missionary’ EP on Rue De Plaisance back in 2016 her sound has been distinctly ethereal and one that has led to her releasing on YoY, Brouqade Records and perhaps her defining outings have come via Anthea’s Partisan imprint, a label that she holds very close to her heart.

It is this work with Anthea and also via their Astral Travel moniker that partly set the groundwork for new platform Psionic and for the first outing it is this alias that will be the vehicle for the maiden voyage release. Having shared an affinity for upfront spacey sounds and grooves Oshana and Anthea have crafted the 3-track ‘As One’ EP with their combined upfront, acid flecked intergalactic sound taking the lead.

A1 track ‘Sky’s The Limit’ kicks off the EP with a bang and spacey bleeps, soaring sweeps and vocoded synth all converge around tough bumping beats to offer a clear peak hour direction. Title track ‘As One’ on A2 continues this theme further with an early Detroit techno vibe and with a nice addition of a gnarly acid bassline that demands attention. Flipping over to B1 ‘Orbiting’ perfectly delivers on its name and gives a real sense of the magical moment of have just left or prior to re-entering Earth’s gravitational pull. All 3 tracks give a clear musical direction and have the Oshana galactic stamp of quality all over it, the addition of Anthea makes for a mouth-watering first release for Psionic and also for future Astral Travel productions and performances.

To get your hands on the ‘As One’ EP head over to deejay.de where it is currently on pre-order.

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