October Gets Perlonized at Panorama Bar

There are few brands that are tailor-made for each other but Perlon’s extended label showcases and Panorama Bar are two that are definitely close to the mark. The longrunning get together known as Get Perlonized stakes its name on the strength of its resident line-ups, but when you check the caliber of the artists performing at each event it’s hard not think that you are looking at a festival stage line-up.

For the month of October the Perlon crew will be taking a typically top-notch array of acts along for the ride and on Friday, October 4th it will be down to Fumiya Tanaka, Margaret Dygas, Sammy Dee and Zip to keep the party going the distance. As always, these parties run for at least 12 hours, so make sure that you are strapped in nice and tightly for the duration.

It is also worth mentioning at this point that Berghain and Panorama Bar are now enforcing a charge of €5 for re-entering the venue after having left. This is a move that has been met with a modicum of outcry as several issues may arise as a result of the charge, namely regulars who make the closing section of the club cannot afford this extra charge on top of an €18 entry fee and also the drug abuse that may take place in order to remain in the club for longer. Remember, just make sure you rave safe at all times people.

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