NYC’s ReSolute joins fight against single use plastics

In recent times, we were almost encouraged to use things once and throw them away, from cutlery to fashion and of course the myriad of plastics that we consume every day of which water bottles are perhaps the worst offender. Thankfully this tide is shifting and it has really struck a chord with conscientious clubbers and promoters.

New York minimal ambassadors ReSolute and they have pledged to replace single-use plastic water bottles with 100% recyclable aluminum versions at all their events with immediate effect. The announcement via Instagram signaled this as part of the first phase of this initiative and ReSolute have also confirmed that they will support their fellow Brooklyn promoters wishing to follow this movement by stocking the same bottles. What is even better, that for every sale of this water a donation will be made to Surfrider, an initiative to help keep our oceans plastic-free.

This is also in addition to the decision from notorious Ibiza after hours institution DC-10 to ban single-use plastics and as such would be selling fully recyclable water cartons from the beginning of this season going forward. This would help edge the club and indeed the island towards being fully recyclable by the year 2020.

Remember, teamwork makes the dream work people, if not for yourself do it for the next generation of music lovers.

More info on ReSolute
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More info on DC-10
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