Un_Mute and ReSolute combine to program an Art Basel to remember

photo by @alfypix

Europe has Amsterdam Dance Event and OFF Week and America has Art Basel and for an extended weekend Miami is home to arguably the biggest parties of the year. Stalwarts of the underground Un_Mute and ReSolute are two absolute powerhouses and they know exactly what makes the US club scene’s pulse race and their Art Basel program is something else entirely.

As with the all major arts festivals there is the official events and there are the off parties where only those in the know will be on top of. There is little doubt that the combined forces of Un_Mute and ReSolute have everything on lock for the duration of the party season. Beginning a four-night stint at 94th Aero Squadron on Thursday, December 1st and what a way to kick off than with none other than a trio of Romanian. They hardly need an invitation, but [a:rpia:r] as a brand and as a performance group they are truly a force to be reckoned with. Rhadoo, Raresh and Pedro are a must catch act and what better way launch into the weekend than with RPR at the controls.

The following night the hits keep on coming and it will see the return of the infamous Get Perlonized. Since their barnstorming event in Miami with Un_Mute back in May it was only a matter of time before they would make the trip across The Pond and they will be coming with a select team of artist’s worthy of such a huge party. Curator Sammy Dee and founder Zip wil be joined by The Waves AKA Maayan Nidam who will be performing live and Japanese wizard Fumiya Tanaka. Offering up a wide range of styles, moods and vibes, from house and garage, to techno and micro and not forgetting minimal this a party that should most definitely be on your hotlist this Art Basel.

Hard to imagine topping the previous two parties but Un_Mute and ReSolute are a resourceful bunch. On Saturday, December 3rd they will be welcoming back their curly headed German selector tINI and her gang of equally dextrous friends. This secret party will be a collaboration between tINI and Jigit, there is a special guest that is yet to be announced but there is plenty more to get excited about. Bringing the US heat will be ReSolute resident and Jigit co-founder Tomas Station and his regular sparring partner O.BEE, this duo is currently lighting up the underground. With regular performances around the world at the finest parties as well as being the on hand to make ReSolute pop.

Make sure there is something left in the tank as there is one last party and its going to be a wild one. Wrapping up Art Basel in style will be the closing party from Un_Mute and ReSolute and it will be populated by a mystery line-up. Apart from the run time and that the venue is top secret little more is known about this rave, but if you know these crews then you know you do not want to miss this.

You can grab your tickets for every party from shotgun.

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